Digital Marketing in Small Businesses

Digital Marketing Challenges.

Life running a small business is not easy, you’re often faced with challenges from every direction and when it comes to digital marketing a lack of resources and up-to-date knowledge results in missed opportunities.

Here are three common barriers I’ve found when helping small business owners.
1) Lack of knowledge – not sure what to do, or where to begin.
2) Lack of resources – time and budget.
3) Lack of help – not having the right people to execute activities.

Small businesses can be competitive in their industry without spending thousands of dollars on digital marketing. A well functioning website, content marketing, social media and building an email list are all inexpensive, they just require time.

How can you overcome these barriers?

In small business the following is a good guide to follow:

1) Develop a strategic marketing plan (and really understand who your target audience is)
2) Optimise your website to generate leads and conversion
3) Audit your social media to determine which is the most successful for your business.
4) Grow your email list

If a lack of time is a barrier look at ways to outsource. If you don’t have the capacity to have someone in-house look after your marketing, consider a freelancer. Get help when you need it.

Case Study 🛒
Client: Product Based Business – Online and Physical store

Problem: Lack of online sales, slow social media growth and lack of engagement

Steps taken to help: Refresh and optimise the website, improve SEO, lead generation via website and instore, streamline client database to one central platform, create quarterly content calendar aligned to pillars and implement analytics.

Result to make *everyone* smile: 11% growth in email subscribers over 3 months, a steady increase in online sales after website refresh, systems in place to continue growth and manage digital presence in-house.

If you would like some guidance about digital marketing in your business feel free to email me.

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