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Time To Refresh Your Website?

This post is co-authored by Melissa Martin and Melissa Willcocks

There’s no doubt when it comes to marketing your business online your website is one of the most important digital assets your business owns.

It is the only place online where you control the narrative of your brand and where you’re able to create an experience to inform your future clients and invite them to buy from you.

Your social media channels may play a part in attracting and directing your audience to your website.  But it’s your website that functions like a flagship store sharing much deeper content in a way that tells more of a story about your values, your service, and you. 

If your website isn’t performing well then this could be impacting the growth of your business.

Here are 4 signs your website needs work:

  1.  You have website shame.

Are you proud to share your website?  Do you regularly and without hesitation share your blogs from it in the hope that readers read and then hang around to learn more about you and what you do?

Do you maintain it like a well loved garden making sure it’s content is up to date, all the links are working and tweaking the layout to ensure the information provided is easily accessible to your visitors?  

Or, does it have a Grey Gardens kind of vibe where your footer still says ©2018?

Website shame is a thing and if you’re not excited by the idea of people visiting your website to learn more about you and your business then its time to do something about it.

Your website is the only place on the internet where you control the narrative about your business and your brand.  It’s the equivalent of your flagship store!  Make it great and be proud so it can work for you the way it is meant to.

  1.  Your site is too wordy with little or no visuals.

The online world is visual and so are humans.  We want to see photos AND read words. Not pages and pages of copy.

Remember, your potential clients are time poor and will skim read parts of your site to find the information they need.  Include high quality photos throughout to make it a far more enjoyable experience for your site visitors.

If you’re a service based business then the majority of the photos on your website need to be of you!  Yes you read that right.  

Investing in a collection of beautifully designed personal branding photos showcasing what you do along with relevant copy means your site visitor is much more likely to slow down and linger on each page or section.

Spending a few extra seconds or minutes on your website allows them to absorb the information provided and the photos help them retain and remember this information.

How many times have you heard someone say:

“I’ll know it when I see it”.

Usually when we recall information the first thing our mind offers us is a picture.

Another example.  

How easy is it to forget names but remember faces?

This is also why populating your website with high quality personal branding photos particularly if you’re a service provider is critical to optimising its effectiveness in helping you attract more clients and grow your business.

You’re personal branding photos will help you become memorable.

A laptop sitting on a wooden desk with a pink notebook next to it.
  1.  Your site isn’t converting.

Great SEO will help your website rank high in Google, but what do people do when they land on your website? Are they converting or bouncing? Website conversion will look different for all websites. Converting could be when a user submits an enquiry, downloads a freebie, signs up to your newsletter, makes a purchase etc.. Your goal is that once people land on your website you guide them to convert in some way or another. 

My suggestion is to keep an eye on your website analytics each month, this can be done via Google Analytics. You may have plenty of traffic to your website but your enquiries, sales and leads don’t share the same message. Have a look and see if you can improve this, maybe your homepage isn’t informative enough, maybe you’re lacking CTAs which are easy for users to navigate around your website. Another way analytics will help you fix issues for ecommerce businesses is to assess the adding to cart. Do you have a high amount of users adding things to their cart then exiting before they make the purchase? If this is the case, look at the amount of steps involved for a user to “add to cart and then complete order”. Can this be streamlined and condensed? Perhaps your shipping prices are too high or not clear before people are adding to cart. 

4. Your website is providing a poor UX (user experience)

We’re talking about website design here. How many times have you been frustrated when you land on a website, it’s confusing, or you just can’t find the information you want so you exit? A well designed website will have your users happy which increases their chance of conversion! 

When it comes to website design:

Less is more.

Here are our website design best practices suggestions:

  • Include high definition images/videos
  • Simple Navigation
  • Consistent Branding/Typography
  • Make it easy to enquire/find out more
  • Clear CTA’s (call to actions) guide your user where you want them to go
  • Optimise your site for all devices

These are just a few tips to help you get started.  Remember, your website is an important part of your digital marketing collateral.  Don’t let it gather digital dust and be forgotten about.  It deserves your attention!

Need more information or help?

Reach out to Melissa Martin for Photography and yours truly for website design and refresh.

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