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This post is co-authored by Melissa Martin and Melissa Willcocks There’s no doubt when it comes to marketing your business online your website is one of the most important digital assets your business owns. It is the only place online where you control the narrative of your brand and where you’re able to create an […]

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Imagine your ideal client they begin their search online, typing words and phrases into google and within seconds are presented with pages and pages and pages of search results. Great SEO will help your website rank high on google, but once they are on your website – how will your business stand out from your competitors? 

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Your final year of high school is a little nerve-racking, with a whole lot of excitement. Some go to uni or TAFE, some hit the workforce straight away and some take a gap year. I loved those years straight out of school! You felt really cool being able to drive to lectures then leave at […]

Melissa Willcocks Digital Marketing

Freelancing… living the absolute dream! But is it all that it’s cracked up to be? I became a Digital Marketing Freelancer after graduating with a Postgraduate in Digital Marketing and a career in Project and Event Management. Freelancing has its pros and cons [like everything in life] but for me, I absolutely love it. I […]

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I’ve been a Melbournian for 8 years now, suffice to say I’ve drunk plenty of coffee in this great city. When we first moved here we knew no one and it was back when the kids were really little and our weekends were filled with sunshine, playgrounds and cafes. What makes a cafe stand out […]

My Favourite Cafes in Melbourne

Building an email list is crucial as part of your overall digital marketing strategy. Email marketing is very effective and important as it is still one of the best ways to communicate with your customers, plus it offers both PROTECTION and PROMOTION.  Protection: Your list is yours. Social media is wonderful, and I highly recommend […]

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Life running a small business is not easy, you’re often faced with challenges from every direction and when it comes to digital marketing a lack of resources and up-to-date knowledge results in missed opportunities. Here are three common barriers I’ve found when helping small business owners.1) Lack of knowledge – not sure what to do, […]

Digital Marketing in Small Businesses

My aim is to alleviate the stress of digital marketing in your business and create a clear digital strategy to help you achieve your business goals. As a freelancer, I can help your business when you need help, consider me an extension to your team! 

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